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Electrical Stimulation

aka E-Stim

E-stim is when small electrical currents are added to acupuncture needles.

This technique increases the effects of relaxing muscles in conditions of muscle tension, toning muscles in conditions of atrophy, or stimulating nerves in conditions involving neuropathy (nerve disease).

Healthwise Acupuncture uses top of the line e-stim machines that are very safe and controlled.  Patients often report feeling nothing at all or a minute tapping sensation over the needling site during e-stim.

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Lizzy is an outstanding practitioner, she is patient and inquisitive. She has an element of grace and humility in her style that makes her patients feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Her needling technique is gentle, painless and safe. Myself and many of my friends have gone to her for a variety of health issues and had great success with her treatment style. I would definitely go back to her again.
Emily, 31