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aka Auricular Acupuncture

Your entire body can be mapped out in your ear.  In other words, different parts of your body correspond to different parts of your ear and can be drawn out like a map.

This microcosmic mapping can be done with all parts of the body, but the ear is the most commonly used because it is so readily accessible.

Auricular acupuncture is most famous for its use against addiction and detoxification.

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Lizzy has been giving me treatments for a few years now, mostly for sleep problems and painful stomach migraines.  After trying western medicine for each (sleep pills, supplements,  going to the doctor for help…) Lizzy was able to give me treatments that actually  WORKED.  She has excellent technique, and you can really tell she cares about each of her patients.  I can definitely see how she managed to graduate at the top of her acupuncture class.
David, 26