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Additional Therapies


Seeds are what they sound like: they are a Chinese herbal seed, called Wang Bu Liu Xing or vaccarria seed.  They are attached to the skin with medical tape.

Seeds can be used to stimulate acupuncture points on the surface of the skin.

Seeds may be applied to points in the ear or on the body after treatments and safely worn home to make the treatment effects longer lasting.



Guasha is a medical scraping method that helps express pathogens and toxins from the body, helping them surface and release.

Patients have often remarked guasha feeling like a massage.  When done correctly, guasha leaves a reddened mark that resolves on its own within a week.

It is most often performed on the back of the neck and upper back for muscle tension and colds.


Medical Cupping

Medical cupping is a suction method that helps draw pathogens and toxins from the body.  Medical cupping also leaves red and dusky marks that resolves on its own within a week.  It can be used to really benefit muscle and joint pain conditions, digestive difficulties, skin conditions, and much more.

Learn more about cupping.



Occasionally, a form of massage will be used during your treatment.  We typically use tui-na, acupressure, or shiatsu kinds of massage for your medical therapy.

These techniques help stimulate points and increase circulation to maximize the benefits of your acupuncture treatment.

It is used for pain, trauma, beauty, rehabilitation, sports medicine, stress, nausea, depression, and much more.


Dietary and Lifestyle Counseling

The cause of disease from an Oriental medicine standpoint is often linked to lifestyle, living conditions, diet, weather, and tendencies you were born with.  Because of this, it is very important to look into each of these things and determine what is the best course of action, whether it is acupuncture and its supportive therapies or lifestyle and behavioral improvements.

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Lizzy has been a tremendous help in assisting me to balance my menstrual periods through use of acupuncture and herbal formulas. I have seen her various times and she has helped me resolve issues with my skin and bronchitis. Lizzy was very compassionate and present with me at each visit.  I highly recommend her as a Chinese medicine practitioner.
Jenny, 38