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Oriental Medicine (OM)

Acupuncture and its related therapies come from Oriental Medicine.

Oriental Medicine (OM) developed in ancient tradition that documented its clinical trials over the course of more than 2000 years.  It uses a completely different paradigm than conventional medicine to look at health, medicine, and the entire world in general.

OM looks at ailments as a part of the human body-mind-and-spirit, and the human body-mind-and-spirit as a part of the greater world around it.

Instead of treating diseases in isolation, OM treats the bigger underlying problem, which may include connections in the body that are not so obvious in a conventional medicine paradigm.

OM will also take the weather, geography, living conditions, diet, lifestyle, and congenital constitution of each individual into careful consideration when developing the treatment strategies and methods to bring the body back into a state of balance.

OM treatment methods include a very wide scope of therapies.  Below is a list of common therapies we use:


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Lizzy is an outstanding practitioner, she is patient and inquisitive. She has an element of grace and humility in her style that makes her patients feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Her needling technique is gentle, painless and safe. Myself and many of my friends have gone to her for a variety of health issues and had great success with her treatment style. I would definitely go back to her again.
Emily, 31