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House Calls

Healthwise Acupuncture currently provides acupuncture and supportive therapy house calls only.  House calls allow us to serve people who are not usually able to travel to an office for treatment.

We serve people living in the the following Massachusetts counties in northern Massachusetts:

  • Middlesex
  • Worcester
  • Essex

Please note that we are based out of Chelmsford, MA.  Additional charges of fifty cents per mile will apply if scheduling a house call more than twenty miles from Chelmsford center.

We provide a treatment table, but we will treat from the comfort of your couch or bed if necessary.

A driver and/or an assistant may accompany the acupuncturist on these visits.

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Lizzy is an outstanding practitioner, she is patient and inquisitive. She has an element of grace and humility in her style that makes her patients feel comfortable throughout the treatment. Her needling technique is gentle, painless and safe. Myself and many of my friends have gone to her for a variety of health issues and had great success with her treatment style. I would definitely go back to her again.
Emily, 31